Why is taking kids to the dentist important?

Although many families delay the appointment with the dentist for a long time, this time of summer may be perfect to take the children to their annual check-up. Thus you have enough time to take them without them losing classes in case they need more treatment.

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Tips for bringing your kids to the dentist

Posted on January 15, 2018
Category: Dentist

It is better to go to a dental clinic where there is a relaxed atmosphere and thought for them. The paediatric dentist is specialized in the mouths of the smallest and will ensure that you are comfortable and without nerves. If there are siblings, it is advisable that they also go through and see how the dentist works, so that they assume that nothing happens and that a review is something natural, simple and fast.

With these tips, your kids will go with desire and without fear of the visit of the dentist and when they go for some reason of health, they will do it calmly and knowing that they will take care of them and solve their problems.

It happens to us, so let’s imagine how the kids should feel when they have to face a visit to the dentist. It is curious that before a visit that should be routine, there is a sensation of nerves and tension that usually does not happen quickly and that accompanies us at each visit to the dentist. Maybe it’s because we have a distorted image of their work, which surely comes from when we’ve once been children and we have not taken a good experience home. Luckily, we already know that nothing happens to visit the dentist and we can transmit to the children that feeling so they do not feel bad when it comes to visit them.

Keep in mind that it is an adventure for them to go to the dental clinic. At first, they do not know what they are going to do and having a person touching their mouth and checking their teeth can be uncomfortable and worrisome, especially if the first visits occur at a later age and they are not used to it. We are going to give you some advice to make these visits are not very traumatic and you can go to the dentist without it being a problem for them.

Try that this first visit is not urgent at all. It is better to accustom them to go when there is not an illness or problem in between. A check-up at an early age per year will help them understand that when they go there it is not to hurt them but to help them take care of their mouth and teeth. It is better for the professional to treat them without nerves and talk to them a lot so that they understand that it is a friend, not someone who will hurt them.

The time to receive care is important. It is better to plan ahead, to prepare it for the visit. With this planning, we can avoid that it is an activity that overlaps with another that makes it a special illusion. If you stop going to a friend’s birthday to go to the dentist, for example, you will go reluctantly and associate the visit with something negative.

The most important thing is to avoid showing anxiety or fear to your child by visiting for the dental check-up. Try not to show medium, or make any negative comments about your visits to the dentist. So that everyone is more relaxed, they can organize a family visit so that the doctor sees both the parents and the children.

Sincerity is another factor that you must apply. Explain to your boys, according to their age, what to expect from their visit to the dentist. If your child asks you something that you do not know how to answer, tell him that the dentist knows many things and that he will explain them to you in great detail.