The DCAD is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote equal access, communication tenacity and empowerment for the deaf population in the Washington, DC area. Part of our mission includes advocating on behalf of the deaf through supporting legislative bills which serve and benefit the deaf community. This organization has been working with the local DC government in various ways to ensure that there is equal access for the deaf community as it relates to programs, services, and communication. The deaf community has a vital presence in the DC area, most notably at Gallaudet University. As part of the deaf community, DCAD functions as the state organization to promote the well-being of an individual and at the same time to be a full function participating citizen in the mainstream society. This organization aims to removes all types of communication barriers so that the gap between the deaf and hearing becomes non-existent.

Since DCAD’s establishment in the 1960s, the DCAD cares to ensure your fulfillment while you are a resident of District of Columbia and assist in making a better place.