In the 1960s, a number of deaf leaders were instrumental in the founding of what is today known as the District of Columbia Association of the Deaf (DCAD). At the time, the most important founders were these three men: William Stevens, Jerald “JJ” Jordan and Frederick C. Schreiber. Then in the 1980s the organization was revived. The revival was lead by a team of four capable and hardworking individuals: Walter “Walt” Brown, Marla Hatrak, Barbara Kannapell and John Lopez. Currently, DCAD is a community-oriented organization actively engaged in advocacy and empowerment issues affecting the Washington, DC’s deaf population and at the same time affiliates to the national organization the NAD. Fostering a cohesive and cooperative relationship with the local DC government is one of the organizations’ main goals. DCAD supports all members with any degree of hearing loss, whether they are profoundly deaf, hard of hearing in one ear or both, late deafened, or deaf-blind individuals.